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Fourrts Gum Forte Gel is your first cosmetic tooth glue in gel form and also is suggested for stronger teeth and healthful gums. Its powerful medicated contents supplies 100 percent oral hygiene leaving your mouth clean and squeaky clean.

Fourrts Gum Forte Gel is a composed of botanical components such as Plantago Q, Kreosotum Q, Calendula Q, each using a beneficial activity on the gums and teeth

Action of human ingredients in Gum forte Gel

Plantago is an anti-inflammatory for tooth ache, swollen gums and caries
Calendula is an anti-septic, anti inflammatory, anti-haemorrhagic in dental ailments,
Kreosotum Q is clinically known for disorders involving the mucous membranes and are helpful in gum problems

Indications: Plaque, Gum Bleeding,Tartar,Tooth Decay,Bad Breath, Tooth Germs & Compounds,Tooth Sensitivity,Pyorrhoea,Toothache

Ingredients:Fourrts Gum Forte Gel Includes Plantago Q, Kreosotum Q, Calendula Q, Borax 6x in equal ratio totalling 5 percent v/w Gel Base q.s

Fourrts Gum Forte Gel Usage: Brush twice per day particularly after food

Size:Fourrts Gum Forte Gel comes from 100Gms tube.

Rate: MRP Rs.70 (Get upto 12 percent off!! Purchase Online Fourrts Gum Forte Gel Homeopathic Toothpaste)

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