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Homeo Homes offering Complete range of Homeopathic & Ayurvedic Medicines. We deliver medicines world wide like US, UK, Australia, Asia, everywhere.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Homeopathic and ayurvedic remedies?

Homeopathic medicines are extracted from various plants, minerals or biological substances and are diversified as either over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription medicines to stimulate the sick person’s natural defenses. Whereas Ayurveda, treat a patient on a holistic level. It identifies the root cause of the disease and aims to give a permanent cure, of the disease. Ayurveda basically focuses on giving you long-term health and well-being, which is bound to take some time.

How are homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines made?

Homeopathic medicines are made from substances that are found in nature (animal, mineral, botanical) through a process of serial dilutions and succussions (vigorous agitation). In ayurveda, vata, pitta and kapha are combinations and permutations for maintaining the bodies’ energy which helps individual’s body system to heal naturally.

Are homeopathic medicines safe and do they have any side effects?

Homeopathic medicines are considered safe for use in adults as well as children because of fewer amounts of active ingredients present in medicines. For homeopathic medicines, very few side effects have been reported. The homeopathic medicines are officially recognized by the F.D.A. as “over-the-counter drugs” and thus any person can order them without a prescription.

Does Ayurveda take a long time to improve or cure any problem?

The fundamental principles of Ayurveda are to treat a patient on a holistic level. It identifies the root cause of the disease and aims to give you a permanent cure.
The time taken for improvement or cure of your disease in Ayurveda depends upon the severity and type of your disease. Ayurvedic treatment is sure to show improvements in a relatively shorter period of time.

Does an Ayurvedic medicine contain toxic metals and have side effects?
Ayurvedic medicines contain only herbal ingredients while a few of them contain minerals. he herbo-minerals that are used in making ayurvedic medicines have never been found to be harmful. The manufactured ayurvedic medicines and products at our HACCP and GMP certified manufacturing companies follow stringent quality control and hygiene to ensure that the medicines should be in the purest and safest form.
Can a patient, take Ayurvedic medicines along with my regular allopathic medicines?

Generally, doctors don’t advise to immediately discontinue allopathic medicines if a patient is under treatment for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, neurological disorders, arthritis, mental disorders and heart diseases. Whereas, there is no harm in taking both types of medicines together as long as you keep your Ayurvedic doctor informed. However, it is important that the patient should maintain at least an hour’s gap between the two types of medications.

What will happen if there will be a delivery mishap to my order?

We consider such matters with great attention and will look individually into the case. If any such case comes then the customer is advised to take photos of the order and e-mail the photo of the affected sample with order number to us at The refund process will be initiated, only if the sample is not destroyed.

How can I track my order and payment?

You can log in into your account, the status of your checkout history can be found under order history. For orders, a tracking number will be given to you after the receipt given from our registered delivery agency.

How long will it take for my order to arrive after I make a payment?

Members who ship their orders within India should expect to receive their orders within three (3) to seven (7) working days whereas the shipping of orders worldwide (accept India) would expect to be within seven(7) to ten(10) working days depending upon payment verification and the volume of orders received. If you experience delays in receiving your order, contact us at and we will help to confirm the status of your order.

What are the payment methods available?

We accept payments in the form of Credit cards/Debit cards/Netbanking/Internet Banking through a secure gateway of Razorpay.