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Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops (30ml)

For Pain, Stiffness, swelling of Joints, Back Pain, Sprains


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Product Description

Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops (30ml)

Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops (30ml)

Indication of Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops

Joint pains is common these days. It can arise due to various conditions including many causes like deficiency of calcium, arthritis, sprains, Systemic diseases, menopausal in females. Joint pains can even result of lot of exertion and change of weather.

Composition of Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops

Apocynum 6x: Reduces stiffness. Complaints associated with stomach complaints

Bryonia Alba 3x: Stitching pains, greatly aggravated by any motion, rheumatic pains and swellings, joints that are red, swollen, stiff hot, with stitching pains are improved with this bryonia. Reduces pain in joints.

Ledum Palustre 3x: Gouty pains shoot all through the foot and limb, and in joints, but especially small joints. Swollen, hot, pale. Cracking in joints; worse, warmth of bed.  Reduces pain in gout.

Rhus Toxicodendron 30x:  Rhus affects fibrous tissue markedly-joints, tendons. Pains tearing in tendons, ligaments, and fascie. Loss of power in forearm and fingers. Reduces soreness in joints and muscles.

Solidago Virgaurea 1x: Relieves back stiffness.Backache of congested kidneys

Veratrum Viride 6x:   Severe pain in joints and muscles. Violent electric-like shocks in limbs. Helps to relieve pains.

Xanthoxylum Fraxineum 3x:   Pain in nape, extending down back. Sciatica; worse, hot weather. Reduces pain of sciatica.

Dosage of Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops

Adults: 20 drops in a tablespoon of water, 1/2 an hour before eating, 3 to 5 times daily.

Terms & Conditions for Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops (30ml): homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicine

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Returns Policies of Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops (30ml): homeopathic  and Ayurvedic medicine

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Bioforce Blooume 29 (Rheumasan) Drops (30ml)