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Medisynth Aquifolium Cream (20g)

Medisynth Aquifolium Cream (20g)

Locally for Acne, Pimples, Blackheads, Facial Scars and Unhealthy Skin


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Product Description

Medisynth Aquifolium Cream (20g)

Medisynth Aquifolium Cream: is an ideal remedy for skin affected by acne, blackheads (closed comedones), whiteheads (open comedones) and similar skin ailments.
It gently removes without leaving any pits or scars on the face or body parts.
It also eliminates entirely the risk of extraneous infection.
Aquifolium is a renowned remedy suggested by physicians and dermatologists for its safe, effective, and painless way of treatment. It is easy to administer, with no side effects.
It does not leave any scars, pits or redness on the affected skin and prevents recurrence or an after-effect of any extraneous infections. is a renowned remedy suggested by physicians and dermatologists for its safe, effective, and painless way of treatment?
Ingredients of Medisynth Aquifolium Cream
Berberis Aquifolium Ext
Calendula Officinalis Ext
Thuja Occidentalis Ext q Cream base q.s (Alchol less than 3% v/w).
How To Use of Medisynth Aquifolium Cream
Wash face with warm water and mop dry.
Rub Medisynth Aquifolium acne cream onto the skin with circular motion of finger tips.
Leave overnight.
Why Should You Buy Medisynth Aquifolium Cream? ( USP )
Medisynth Aquifolium Cream is one of the best remedy for acne treatment.

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Medisynth Aquifolium Cream (20g)