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Wheezal WL29 Prostatitis Drops (30ml)

Wheezal WL-29 Prostatitis Drops (30ml)
Improves Urine flow in old age, Reduces dribbling & Burning of urine


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Product Description

Also known as
WL-29 Prostate, Prosto

85 (gms)
3.9 (cm) x 3.9 (cm) x 9 (cm)
Wheezal WL-29 Prostatitis Drops
Prostatitis is abnormal enlargement and inflammation of prostate gland. Complaints like Painful Urination, Lower back pain, rectum pain are observed.

Relieves Frequent Painful and Burning Micturition

Other Indications
Painful micturition with irritation while urination
Poor urine flow, Frequent desire to urinate.
Chimaphila Umbellate
Bar. Barb.
Clematis Erecta.
Puls. Nig.
Tribulus. Terrestris.
Sabal serr.
Conium Mac.
Pareira Brava
Thuja Occ.
Action Of Individual Ingredients
Chimaphila Umb: Great urge to urinate. Straining necessary to commence urination. Urine feels hot when passed.
Clematis Erecta: Urine flows by fits, starts or dribbles, strains out a few drops, then full stream flows. Burning in urethra during urination. Last drop causes violent burning.
Puls. Nig: Burning in orifice of urethra during and after micturition. Involuntary micturition at night, After urinating, pain in bladder.
Tribulus. Terr: Painful urination, Inability to control urine.
Sabal serr: Burning in the urethra while passing urine and difficulty in passing urine. Recent or chronic enlargements. Sensation of coldness from the prostate gland to genitals.
Conium Mac: After urinating, spasmodic pain in bladder, Dribbling urination in old men.
Pareira Brava: Retention of urine due to prostate enlargement
Thuja Occ: Frequent micturition accompanying pains. Desire sudden and urgent, but cannot be controlled. Pain and burning felt near neck of bladder, with frequent and urgent desire to urinate.
10 to 15 drops in little water before every meal four times a day or as described by the physician.

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Wheezal WL29 Prostatitis Drops (30ml)